BCOMCL Bloomberg WTI Crude Oil Subindex

The Bloomberg WTI Crude Oil Subindex, a subindex of the Bloomberg Commodity Index, is intended to reflect the performance of crude oil as measured by the price of futures contracts of West Texas Intermediate sweet, light crude oil. The performance of the crude oil futures market is normally very different than the performance of the physical crude oil market. It is a "rolling index," which means that it does not take physical possession of any commodities. The roll occurs over a period of five business days in certain months according to a pre-determined schedule, generally beginning on the sixth business day of the month and ending on the tenth business day. Each day, approximately 20% of each rolling futures position that is included in the month's roll is rolled, increasing from 0% to 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and finally 100%. The Bloomberg WTI Crude Oil Subindex will reflect the performance of its underlying crude oil futures contracts, including the impact of rolling, without regard to income earned on cash positions.

As of 08/09/2022

Index Information
Provider:     Bloomberg
Category1:  Commodities
Category2:  Energy
Category3:  Oil
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  12/01/2018
Backtesting data exists:  
Weighting methodology:   Other

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