CBH AllianzGI Convertible & Income 2024 Target Term Fund CEF

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You can see CBH's holdings by looking at their quarterly filings with the SEC, using this link:  N-Q

CBH AllianzGI Convertible & Income 2024 Target Term Fund CEF Edit This CEF

This is an actively managed closed end fund that seeks to generate high current income by dynamically allocating assets to the following three segments of a company’s capital structure: Convertible securities—offer current income, downside protection and potential capital appreciation. High-yield securities—offer high-income potential and have a potentially favorable risk/reward profile relative to other fixed-income asset classes. Senior secured loans—offer a diversified return due to their unique floating-rate feature, seniority in the capital structure and historically low correlation to core fixed income. The Fund seeks to return the original net asset value (NAV) or more at the end of a seven-year investment term ending in 2024.

As of 08/10/2022     IEX book   CBOE book

CEF Information
Sponsor:     Allianz
Category1:  US Fixed Income
Category2:  Broad market
Category3:  Unconstrained
Morningstar category:  Convertibles
Leverage factor:  1.43    as of 08/31/2018
Inception date:  06/28/2017
Current yield:  10.88%
Historical average yield:  6.74%
Market cap:  $164,555,009
Average volume:  22,872
Fees:     2.1400%
Investment style: Actively managed
All SEC Filings:  SEC Edgar Online
Semi-Annual filings:  N-CSR
Quarterly holdings:  NPORT

Fund NAV:              $9.21
Trading discount:     -2.17%

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