FBZ First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX ETF

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FBZ First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX ETF

Seeks to track, before fees and expenses, the NASDAQ AlphaDEX Brazil Index. The Index employs the AlphaDEX stock selection methodology to select stocks from the NASDAQ Brazil Index that meet certain criteria. The Index ranks the eligible stocks from the NASDAQ Brazil Index on growth factors including 3-, 6- and 12- month price appreciation, sales to price and one year sales growth, and separately on value factors including book value to price, cash flow to price and return on assets. All stocks are ranked on the sum of ranks for the growth factors and, separately, all stocks are ranked on the sum of ranks for the value factors. A stock must have data for all growth and/or value factors to receive a rank for that style. The Index selects the 50 top scoring stocks. The selected stocks are then split into quintiles based on their selection score. The top ranked quintile receives 5/15 (33%) of the portfolio weight with successive quintiles receiving 4/15 (26.7%), 3/15 (20.0%), 2/15 (13.3%) and 1/15 (6.7%), respectively. Stocks are equally weighted within each quintile.

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ETF Information
Sponsor:     First Trust
Category1:  Global Equity
Category2:  Single country
Category3:  Multi-cap
Morningstar category:  Latin America Stock
Country:      Brazil
Leverage factor:  1.00
Inception date:  04/18/2011
Index tracking method: Passive replication
Current yield:  9.57%
Historical average yield:  5.36%
Market cap:  $6,740,521
Average volume:  106,859
Fees:     0.8000%

Index Information
NASDAQ AlphaDEX Brazil Index
Index symbol:  NQDXBR
Provider:   NASDAQ OMX
Index weighting:   Composite scores
Index inception date:  05/18/2015
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Number of holdings:  50
Strategy:  Multi-factor investing
Factors used to select securities:

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