HARVEST Prime Alternative Harvest Index

The Index establishes the universe of candidate companies in the Prime Cannabis Ecosystem by performing a search of company descriptions using a market data vendor service. Each component shall be categorized as a Primary or a Secondary Beneficiary of the growth in the cannabis industry. A component company shall be designated as Primary if it discloses that i) it derives at least 50% of its revenues from Cannabis-Focused and Cannabis Biopharma activities or ii) it describes in its business overview or business description of its public filings that it is engaged in any combination of Cannabis-Focused or Cannabis Biopharma activities. All other component companies shall be considered a Secondary Beneficiary. A Primary component is given a weight of 4% in the Index. Secondary components only receive a weight in the Index if there are fewer than 25 Primary components, and they are given weights in the Index using the weight left over after assigning a weight of 4% to each Primary component.

As of 09/25/2022

Index Information
Provider:     Prime Indexes
Category1:  Global Equity
Category2:  Single industry
Category3:  Other
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  12/15/2017
Backtesting data exists:   No
Weighting methodology:   Market capitalization
Number of holdings:  30

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