LBUSTRUU Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index

The Index is the most widely followed broad market U.S. bond index. It measures the investment grade, US dollar-denominated, fixed-rate taxable bond market. The Index includes treasuries, government-related and corporate securities, mortgage backed securities (agency fixed-rate and hybrid ARM pass-throughs), ABS and collateralized mortgage backed securities (agency and nonagency). It includes securities that have at least one year to maturity, and have an outstanding par value of at least $250 million. It includes global bonds from governments and corporations if they are denominated in the US dollar. Bonds specifically excluded are tax-exempt municipal securities, inflation-linked bonds, floating-rate issues and convertible bonds. The index is market cap weighted and reconstituted on the last business day of the month. See more discussion of this index in our article what is the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index?

As of 08/10/2022

Index Information
Provider:     Bloomberg
Category1:  US Fixed Income
Category2:  Broad market
Category3:  Investment grade
Country:      USA
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  01/01/1986
Backtesting data exists:   Yes
Weighting methodology:   Market capitalization
Factsheet:  Read PDF
Number of holdings:  10,248  (as of 12/14/2018)
Rebalanced:  Monthly
Reconstituted:  Monthly

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