THCXINDEX Innovation Labs Cannabis Index

The Index includes stocks of “Cannabis Companies” -- companies that have a business interest in the legal cannabis based pharmaceutical and consumer wellness & product markets. Cannabis is (i) marijuana (or products derived from marijuana) and (ii) hemp (or products derived from hemp, which includes CBD-based products (i.e., products that contain cannabidiol). A company has a business interest in the legal cannabis-based pharmaceutical and consumer wellness & product markets if a significant percentage (at least 50%) of its revenues are derived from such activity. The Index Universe is then screened to not include stocks that have a market capitalization below $100 million.

As of 09/25/2022

Index Information
Provider:     Innovation Shares
Category1:  Global Equity
Category2:  Single industry
Category3:  Other
Currency:    USD
Inception date:  01/01/1900
Backtesting data exists:  
Weighting methodology:   Market capitalization
Number of holdings:  37  (as of 12/04/2019)
Rebalanced:  Monthly
Reconstituted:  Monthly

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