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Other Factor ETFs

There are 86 ETFs that follow an index that selects its holdings on various different factors, that we have grouped into an "other category".

Category1Category2ETF Count
Asset AllocationGlobal1
Global EquityDeveloped markets1
Global EquityEmerging markets2
Global EquityEurope1
Global EquityGlobal3
Global Equity Global ex-US2
Global EquitySingle country5
US Equity Broad market57
US EquitySingle industry1
US Equity Single sector1
US EquitySocially responsible3
US EquityThematic3
US Fixed IncomeBroad market3
US Fixed IncomeCorporate bonds3

The number of other ETFs continues to grow, as shown by this table:

Year of InceptionETF Count

Note that there were actually even more ETFs launched then this table shows, as we are only displaying the launch dates of ETFs still active in our database. There were more ETFs that were launched during these years that have since been closed down by their sponsor.

More and more ETFs are being launched that combine other factor investing with other investment factors:

Number of Factors UsedCount

Here are the other factor ETFs, if you want to read some examples of the approaches taken by these ETFs:

SymbolDescriptionInception DateCategoryActions
DXJWisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity ETF06/16/2006Global EquityAnalyze
DEFInvesco Defensive Equity ETF12/15/2006US Equity Analyze
CZAInvesco Mid-Cap Core ETF04/02/2007US EquityAnalyze
HEDJWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity ETF12/31/2009Global EquityAnalyze
SPHBS&P 500 High Beta Portfolio ETF05/05/2011US Equity Analyze
CXSEWisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETF09/19/2012Global EquityAnalyze
QDYNFlexShares Quality Dividend Dynamic ETF12/14/2012US Equity Analyze
DXGEWisdomTree Germany Hedged Equity Fund ETF10/17/2013Global Equity Analyze
AIRRFirst Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF03/10/2014US EquityAnalyze
XSOEWisdomTree Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETF12/10/2014Global EquityAnalyze
XRLVInvesco S&P 500 ex-Rate Sensitive Low Volatility Portfolio ETF04/06/2015US Equity Analyze
KLDWKnowledge Leaders Developed World ETF07/08/2015Global EquityAnalyze
SPXES&P 500 Ex-Energy ETF09/22/2015US Equity Analyze
SPXNS&P 500 Ex-Financials ETF09/22/2015US Equity Analyze
SPXTS&P 500 Ex-Technology ETF09/22/2015US Equity Analyze
SPXVS&P 500 Ex-Health Care ETF09/22/2015US Equity Analyze
PSETPrincipal Price Setters Index ETF03/21/2016US EquityAnalyze
MILNGlobal X Millennials Thematic ETF05/04/2016US EquityAnalyze
GENYPrincipal Millennials Index ETF08/19/2016Global EquityAnalyze
FDMOFidelity Momentum Factor ETF09/12/2016US EquityAnalyze
FDRRFidelity Dividend Index for Rising Rates ETF09/12/2016US Equity Analyze
ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF10/31/2016US Equity Analyze
BOSSFounder Run Companies ETF02/13/2017US EquityAnalyze
VSMVVictoryShares US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETF06/21/2017US Equity Analyze
USMFWisdomTree U.S. Multifactor ETF06/25/2017US Equity Analyze
EQRRProShares Equities for Rising Rates ETF07/24/2017US Equity Analyze
OBORKraneShares MSCI One Belt One Road ETF09/07/2017Global EquityAnalyze
USMCPrincipal U.S. Mega-Cap Multi-Factor Index ETF10/11/2017US Equity Analyze
ENTREntrepreneur 30 Fund ETF11/08/2017US EquityAnalyze
JQUAJPMorgan U.S. Quality Factor ETF11/09/2017US Equity Analyze
CLRGIQ Chaikin U.S. Large Cap ETF12/14/2017US Equity Analyze
HYDWXtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond ETF01/11/2018US Fixed IncomeAnalyze
HYUPXtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF01/11/2018US Fixed IncomeAnalyze
VFLQVanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETF02/14/2018US EquityAnalyze
VSLVolshares Large Cap ETF02/20/2018US EquityAnalyze
INDSPacer Benchmark Industrial Real Estate SCTR ETF05/14/2018US EquityAnalyze
PEXLPacer US Export Leaders ETF07/23/2018US Equity Analyze
BOUTIBD Breakout Opportunities ETF09/13/2018US EquityAnalyze
UTRNVesper US Large Cap Short-Term Reversal Strategy ETF09/21/2018US Equity Analyze
LSAFLeaderShares AlphaFactor US Core Equity ETF10/02/2018US Equity Analyze
ERSXERShares Non-US Small Cap ETF12/28/2018Global Equity Analyze
IXSEWisdomTree India Ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETF04/04/2019Global EquityAnalyze
FRDMFreedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF05/23/2019Global EquityAnalyze
ECLNFirst Trust EIP Carbon Impact ETF08/20/2019US Equity Analyze
XOUTGraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETF10/07/2019US Equity Analyze
SCHJSchwab 1-5 Year Corporate Bond ETF10/10/2019US Fixed Income Analyze
HIBLDirexion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X ETF11/27/2019US Equity Analyze
ROMOStrategy Shares Newfound/ReSolve Robust Momentum ETF11/27/2019Asset AllocationAnalyze
SQEWLeaderShares Equity Skew ETF05/12/2020US Equity Analyze
NIFEDirexion Fallen Knives ETF06/11/2020US Equity Analyze
DEEPRoundhill Acquirers Deep Value ETF06/22/2020US Equity Analyze
ALTLPacer Lunt Large Cap Alternator ETF06/25/2020US Equity Analyze
PALCPacer Lunt Large Cap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF06/25/2020US Equity Analyze
WFHDirexion Work From Home ETF06/25/2020US EquityAnalyze
GCORGoldman Sachs Access U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF09/10/2020US Fixed IncomeAnalyze
SPAKDefiance Next Gen SPAC Derived ETF10/01/2020US Equity Analyze
FEDXEmles Federal Contractors ETF10/15/2020US EquityAnalyze
ACTVLeaderShares Activist Leaders ETF10/27/2020US Equity Analyze
ACVFAmerican Conservative Values ETF10/29/2020US Equity Analyze
SVALiShares US Small Cap Value Factor ETF10/29/2020US Equity Analyze
DEMZDEMZ Political Contributions ETF11/03/2020US Equity Analyze
EGIS2ndVote Society Defended ETF11/18/2020US Equity Analyze
LYFE2ndVote Life Neutral Plus ETF11/18/2020US Equity Analyze
LUXEEmles Luxury Goods ETF11/25/2020US Equity Analyze
DFHYDonoghue Forlines Tactical High Yield ETF12/08/2020US Fixed IncomeAnalyze
DFNVTrimTabs Donoghue Forlines Risk Managed Innovation ETF12/08/2020US Equity Analyze
AVDGAVDR US LargeCap ESG ETF12/30/2020US EquityAnalyze
AVDRAVDR US LargeCap Leading ETF12/30/2020US EquityAnalyze
INFLHorizon Kinetics Inflation Beneficiaries ETF01/12/2021Global EquityAnalyze
SPXZMorgan Creek - Exos SPAC Originated ETF01/26/2021US Equity Analyze
BUZZVanEck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF03/04/2021US Equity Analyze
ILCBiShares Morningstar Large-Cap ETF03/22/2021US Equity Analyze
LCTDBlackRock World ex U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF04/08/2021Global EquityAnalyze
LCTUBlackRock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF04/08/2021US Equity Analyze
DSPCThe De-SPAC ETF05/19/2021US Equity Analyze
LOPXDirexion Low Priced Stock ETF07/22/2021US EquityAnalyze
MOTEVanEck Morningstar ESG Moat ETF10/07/2021US Equity Analyze
USBFiShares USD Bond Factor ETF10/14/2021US Fixed Income Analyze
MEMERoundhill MEME ETF12/08/2021US EquityAnalyze
MOTGVanEck Morningstar Global Wide Moat ETF12/10/2021Global Equity Analyze
TMFEMotley Fool Capital Efficiency 100 Index ETF12/31/2021US EquityAnalyze
FLDZRiverNorth Volition America Patriot ETF01/03/2022US Equity Analyze
NZROStrategy Shares Halt Climate Change ETF01/11/2022US EquityAnalyze
LRNDIQ U.S. Large Cap R&D Leaders ETF02/07/2022US Equity Analyze
MRNDIQ U.S. Mid Cap R&D Leaders ETF02/07/2022US EquityAnalyze
HAPYHarbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETF02/23/2022US Equity Analyze

One thing we do at StockMarketMBA.com is give each ETF a rating for long term investors. Here are the other factor ETFs that StockMarketMBA.com has rated as an "editors choice", our highest rating:

SymbolDescriptionInception DateCategoryActions
CZAInvesco Mid-Cap Core ETF04/02/2007US EquityAnalyze

All data is a live query from our database. The wording was last updated: 11/19/2018.

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